Monday, November 14, 2005

Are you tired of elections being rigged?

Wanna stop it?

O.K. Here is how.

Familiar with these ? Of course you are.

They are standard petty cash/rent reciepts.

Click to enlarge.

Or, if you will, Example A... You know how they work.

Carbonless, as you write on them two exact duplicates are made. You keep the original. Pink Copy stays in local offices, yellow copy goes to headquarters. Or something like that.

Now imagine casting a vote on a reciept made just like these cash receipts.

They are virtually tamper proof. And you would retain the original proof of your vote. In your own handwriting.

Every vote would automatically produce THREE paper trails.

Yellow copy goes to regional elections boards. Pink Copy stays at local boards. Or, something like that.

Oh, and did I mention they could be printed in every language imaginable? And with pictures?

With simple black and white images not even the illiterate could be disenfranchised.

And... you can print up 200 of them for about 5 bucks. Yes, I said 5 bucks, as in five dollars. The taxpayers would literally save millions.

Put this system in place, and rigging elections would be virtually impossible.

Have a nice day.





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